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We thank all the speakers for their very interesting contributions during the Machine Learning Day. For all those, who did not find a seat because the room was full: You can download the talks below!

This one-day symposium highlighted research activities at the University of Cologne applying machine learning techniques to vastly different fields — all the way from quantum matter to biological systems to economic and societal systems. Pedagogical talks werecomplemented by ample time for interactions amongst the participants. Organized by Prof. Trebst and Prof. Tresch in collaboration with the competence area 3 “Quantitative Modeling of Complex Systems”, the 2017 Machine Learning Day was a continuation of annual events such as the Computational Science Days and the Big Data Symposium.


Thursday, April 6th, 2017, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.



Neues Seminargebäude
50923 Cologne


The ML-Day is open for everyone. A registration is not needed to attend.






09:00 Intro Simon Trebst
09:15 Quantum Machine Learning Simon Trebst Theoretical Physics
09:45 kernDeepStackNet: An R package for tuning kernel deep stacking networks Thomas Welchowski and Matthias Schmid IMBIE, Bonn
10:15 coffee break
10:45 Applying Machine Learning to Text Mining Jürgen Hermes Department of Linguistics
11:15 Machine learning and the social sciences Jörn Grahl Digital Transformation and Value Creation
11:45 lunch break
13:15 Compressed Sensing for Sparse and Low-Rank Models David Gross Theoretical Physics
13:45 Sparse PCA and convex optimization Frank Vallentin Mathematical Institute
14:15 coffee break
14:45 Reconstruction of Biological Networks Achim Tresch Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
15:15 Illuminating Genetic Networks with Random Forest Andreas Beyer CECAD
15:45 End