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Contributing Scientists

This page lists researchers at the University of Cologne that contribute to the Competence Area 3, as well as their fields of research (including topical and methodological keywords). Please note that the list is work in progress!

CA3 is open to all interested researchers, please contact the coordinator in case you wish to join.



Field of Research

Keywords (Topics)

Keywords (Methods)

Andreas Beyer

Cellular Networks and Systems Biology

Ageing research, oncology, systems genetics

Machine learning, network biology

Dirk Blunk

Organic chemistry



Susanne Crewell


Remote Sensing


Silvia Daun




Rainer Dyckerhoff

Econometrics, statistics



Gregor Gassner

Mathematics: Numerical Simulation



Bernd Goldfuß

Organic chemistry



David Gross

Quantum information, mathematical physics



Michael Hanrath

Theoretical chemistry



Jürgen Hermes

Digital Humanities

Computational linguistics

Machine learning, text mining

Dominik Hezel




Sandro Jahn


Computational mineral physics, geological fluids, fluid-rock interactions at high pressures and temperatures

Molecular dynamics simulation, density-functional theory, theoretical spectroscopy and thermodynamics

Michael Jünger

Computer Science



Wolfgang Ketter

Information Systems for Sustainable Society



Axel Klawonn

Numerical mathematics and scientific computing



Stefan Kneifel


Charakterisierung der Streueigenschaften von Schnee- und Eispartikeln in Wolken, Modellierung mikrophysikalischer Prozesse in Wolken, Wechselwirkung von Wolkenmikrophysik auf großräumige Wolkeneigenschaften

Diskrete Dipol-Approximation (DDA) und Entwicklung von Näherungen für die Streurechnungen, Hochaufgelöste Simulationen mit dem neuen Vorhersagemodell ICON

Pavlos Kollias




Sigrun Korsching



Phylogeny, Receptor/Ligand modelling

Ulrich Lang

Computer Science



Brigitte Mathiak

Digital Humanities



Martin Nawrot ,


Computational Neuroscience, Neural Coding, Neural Plasticity, Learning and Memory, Primate Motor Control

Spiking neural networks, neuronal attractor networks, deep architectures, multivariate spike train statistics, mean field theory, neurophysiology

Roel Neggers




Claes Neuefeind

Linguistic data processing

Computational linguistics

Machine learning, artificial intelligence

Eleftheria Paliou


Archäoinformatik/computational archeology

complex systems simulation, agent-based modelling, network analysis (social network analysis and spatial network analysis), spatio-temporal modelling with R

Eric Parteli


granular geomaterials, planetary geomorphology, desertification

Discrete-Element-Methods, continuum geomorphic modeling, statistical physics

Felix Rau

General linguistics

Audio-visual data analysis, linguistics

Machine learning

Achim Rosch

Theoretical condensed-matter physics

Topological and correlated quantum matter, magnetic skyrmions, quantum systems far from thermal equilibrium

Quantum field theory, numerical simulations of quantum and classical systems using exact diagonalization, Landau-Lifshitz equations, Monte Carlo approaches, Langevin equations.

Joachim Saur

Space Physics



Andreas Schadschneider

Theoretical Physics, Statistical Physics

Nonequilibrium physics, stochastic processes, traffic, pedestrian dynamics

Modeling of complex systems, agent-based modeling, Monte Carlo simulation

Martin Scheffel




Peter Schilke


Analysis of astrophysical data

Exploration of Machine Learning methods for automatic source classification

Yaping Shao




Christian Sohler

Algorithmische Datenanalyse



Simon Trebst

Computational Physics



Achim Tresch

Medizinische Statistik und Bioinformatik

Analysis of genome-wide data, regulation of gene expression, RNA metabolism

nonparametric methods for high dimensional data, probabilistic graphical models

Frank Vallentin


Optimization, geometry, discrete mathematics


Sacha van Albada;jsessionid=25B87597D27EE11BA362D76D411648F1

Theoretical Neuroanatomy



Stefanie Walch

Theoretical Astrophysics



Lex Wennmacher

Space Physics



Thomas Wiehe

Bioinformatics & Population Genetics

Bioinformatics & Population Genetics

Mathematical modeling, simulations

Roman Wienands

Numerical mathematics



Andreas Zilges

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear structure, Nuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear photonics, detector development

Monte Carlo simulations of complex experimental setups for basic research and applications