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Contributing Scientists

This page lists researchers at the University of Cologne that contribute to the Competence Area 3, as well as their fields of research (including topical and methodological keywords). Please note that the list is work in progress!

CA3 is open to all interested researchers, please contact the coordinator in case you wish to join.

Name HomepageField of ResearchKeywords (Topics)Keywords (Methods)
Andreas Beyercellnet-sb.cecad.uni-koeln.deCellular Networks and Systems BiologyAgeing research, oncology, systems geneticsMachine learning, network biology
Dirk chemistry
Susanne Sensing
Rainer Dyckerhoffwww.wisostat.uni-koeln.deEconometrics, statistics
Gregor Numerical Simulation
Bernd Goldfuß chemistry
David information, mathematical physics
Michael chemistry
Jürgen HumanitiesComputational linguisticsMachine learning, text mining
Sandro mineral physics, geological fluids, fluid-rock interactions at high pressures and temperaturesMolecular dynamics simulation, density-functional theory, theoretical spectroscopy and thermodynamics
Michael Jü Science
Wolfgang Ketterwww.is3.uni-koeln.deInformation Systems for Sustainable Society
Axel Klawonnwww.numerik.uni-koeln.deNumerical mathematics and scientific computing
Stefan der Streueigenschaften von Schnee- und Eispartikeln in Wolken, Modellierung mikrophysikalischer Prozesse in Wolken, Wechselwirkung von Wolkenmikrophysik auf großräumige WolkeneigenschaftenDiskrete Dipol-Approximation (DDA) und Entwicklung von Näherungen für die Streurechnungen, Hochaufgelöste Simulationen mit dem neuen Vorhersagemodell ICON
Sigrun Phylogeny, Receptor/Ligand modelling
Ulrich Langvis.uni-koeln.deComputer Science
Brigitte Mathiakcceh.uni-koeln.deDigital Humanities
Martin , Neuroscience, Neural Coding, Neural Plasticity, Learning and Memory, Primate Motor ControlSpiking neural networks, neuronal attractor networks, deep architectures, multivariate spike train statistics, mean field theory, neurophysiology
Claes data processingComputational linguisticsMachine learning, artificial intelligence
Eleftheria Paliouarchaeoinformatik.uni-koeln.deArchäologieArchäoinformatik/computational archeologycomplex systems simulation, agent-based modelling, network analysis (social network analysis and spatial network analysis), spatio-temporal modelling with R
Eric geomaterials, planetary geomorphology, desertification Discrete-Element-Methods, continuum geomorphic modeling, statistical physics
Felix linguisticsAudio-visual data analysis, linguisticsMachine learning
Achim condensed-matter physicsTopological and correlated quantum matter, magnetic skyrmions, quantum systems far from thermal equilibriumQuantum field theory, numerical simulations of quantum and classical systems using exact diagonalization, Landau-Lifshitz equations, Monte Carlo approaches, Langevin equations.
Joachim Physics
Andreas Physics, Statistical PhysicsNonequilibrium physics, stochastic processes, traffic, pedestrian dynamicsModeling of complex systems, agent-based modeling, Monte Carlo simulation
Martin Scheffelcmr.uni-koeln.deMacroeconomics
Peter of astrophysical dataExploration of Machine Learning methods for automatic source classification
Simon Physics
Achim Treschimsieweb.uni-koeln.deMedizinische Statistik und BioinformatikAnalysis of genome-wide data, regulation of gene expression, RNA metabolismnonparametric methods for high dimensional data, probabilistic graphical models
Frank, geometry, discrete mathematics
Stefanie Astrophysics
Lex Physics
Thomas & Population GeneticsBioinformatics & Population GeneticsMathematical modeling, simulations
Roman mathematics
Andreas PhysicsNuclear structure, Nuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear photonics, detector developmentMonte Carlo simulations of complex experimental setups for basic research and applications